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The Climb Out of the Darkness is the world's largest event raising funds and awareness for the mental health of new families operated by Postpartum Support International. The Climb is a community walk and international fundraiser for survivors, providers, and members of the community to come together. 

Raising awareness for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, The Climb brings our community together to shine a light on a darkness we often don't speak about. Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are the most common complication of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Proceeds from this event go directly to the Regina Perinatal Health Network so they can continue offering FREE support for new and expectant families here in Regina and across Saskatchewan! 

We hope you can join us! The Climb will take place Saturday, June 25th starting at 10:00! Details to come!




My Story:

I've been a mom for 8 years, during this 8 years I've struggled with Post-partum psychosis, post-partum rage and depression. I know what it's like to be an 19-year old mom in an abusive relationship .When I first became a mom I was 19 years old, young and unknowing to the dangers of teen pregnancy. I know what it's like to question yourself being a good mother.

I'm raising awareness that PPD is REAL and happens to anyone, whether they've given birth before or not. No one should feel alone during what could be the darkest time of their life.

My Advice 

Remember, it's not always easy to ask for help when you're feeling overwhelmed. And especially after giving birth, it can be even more intimidating to reach out to people. But know that your partner may need support recovering from the birth, so don't give up if you feel like she doesn't want—or isn't ready for—help.

When your loved one seems to shut you out during their first weeks of motherhood, remember that it's a perfectly normal reaction to the anxiety and depression that many new mothers face after childbirth.


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